Reading the Painting

I have never believed that there is a right or wrong way to read a piece of art. It is simply to person experiencing the piece which tells the story of the painting. Of course, the artist will have their own story which will loosely be portrayed, however, everyone sees through their own eyes.

Below are my readings of some of my favourite pieces.

Le Palais des Merveilles

Clovis Trouille

‘Le Palais des Merveilles (1907-1927) is a celebration of life and sexuality. It is a celebration of the body, of want and desire. But it is also a celebration of individuality.’ Read More

Diego Seated

Alberto Giacometti

Diego Seated (1948) is free and yet constrained portrait of the artist’s brother. The freedom of Giacometti’s linework, for this painting, is constrained by box-like lines surrounding the sitter ... Read More

The Weeping Woman

Pablo Picasso

The Weeping Woman(1937) is one of many paintings of Dora Maar by Picasso. When it comes to the Maar portraits, Picasso was sending a message, often to Maar herself ... Read More